Donatella Finocchiaro was born on a warm 16th November in Catania.

His is the classic story of a girl breezy taken by the fire of art and predestined to pursue an acting career.

After grammar school Donatella attended the Faculty of Law of Catania but after a few years the arid studies
legal Starla begin to narrow. In Catania discovered his passion for the theater that brought her to Rome where
continue to attend other courses in acting until his debut in 1996 at the Teatro Clock.

Dividing his time between practicing lawyer and elocution lessons began working in theater and moving further away
from the halls of the Court. In 2001, just happen in a casting for the new film by Roberta Torre becomes the
star of "Angela" which will mark his feature film debut.

A film that after participation in the Cannes Film Festival will travel around the world with screenings at festivals
International where Donatella win, among other things, various awards for best actress.